Making A Difference

Everyone and every company it seems is out to do some good, so what are we doing here at EEKOE to make a difference? Well for us it’s a process of trial and error. We like so many other brands are offered opportunities to help with others who need just that, and in that we are usually able to get some product out and support other programs we believe in. But we are also working on some of our own in house projects, primarily Youth Allegiance.

Youth Allegiance is a program Chad Ottenbreit and Derek Tobias formed and put together in 2008. Essentially we work to raise funds and put on events that bring support and awareness to youth in our respected industries and markets looking for assistance in chasing their respected dreams and utilizing their given talents. We do this primarily in action sports and music, but also motorsports, media and arts relevant to these industries.

We feel Youth Allegiance is a great fit for the EEKOE Brand and feel we can do a lot to raise funds and build programs to further the Youth Allegiance movement. Of course along with the help of many others and also the kids themselves, as that is part of the Youth Allegiance program. For example if we were looking at building a skatepark in a community where one is needed and not yet available, we would have to youth work with the team from conception to build. That means in the office planning to shoveling the dirt and pouring the pavement. But also other projects around their community that will bring in funding to ultimately pay for the project. Yes we don’t just count on others and checks coming in, we work collectively as a group with the kids to work and “make” the monies needed.

A lil hard work goes a long way, and when its all done we get to play. We think it’s a great format to show what it takes, it takes hard work, whatever it may be. So basically instead of waiting on others to fund, it, we work as a group to raise capital through many efforts and pay for the projects while building life skills and values!