Eekoe Sport/Athletic 1/4 Crew

Product Description


The EEKOE Sport/Athletic Sock features an arch support and webbing on the top of the sock to allow heat to dissipate as you ride. It features 100% Organic Bamboo and a lifetime warranty. If you’re not sure which sock is for you, this is the one we at EEKOE feel is your go to sock for an active lifestyle and sport specific outings. So if you're going to the local court for a friendly game of bask2etball, off to the gym, a round of golf, bike ride or whatever sport activity you have on the agenda that day, this is the EEKOE Bamboo Sock to get it done in.

For those of you who are looking for all these features and performance in a Sport Specific Sock that is still a bit out of the way, but covers the ankle for a bit more protection, the Sport/Athletic Line gives you our 1/4 Crew version. 


It features 80% Organic Bamboo, 17% Nylon and 3% Spandex. A seamless open toe box and functional ribbing make the sock comfortable in all applications, and one you won't spend the day reaching down to pull them back up. Its the one we recommend, and also features the EEKOE Lifetime Warranty.


Featuring the EEKOE Lifetime Warranty, if for any reason the sock should fail, we stand behind them for the life of the sock.

$ 8.00 $ 16.00